Terranoa at Le Rendez-vous de Bi@rritz

Dear Friends and Colleagues…

Hope the summer was enjoyable for all of you. Summer break is now closing and we are set for yet another digital market, the first Biarritz Rendez-Vous without the sound, the sight and the taste of the sea! Despite this situation we will all try and make the best of these three days to meet and greet and talk programming needs and new releases.

We have a brand new feature length Special available to screen MY AMERICA, a 6 months journey through the country to hear how citizens and civil society are fighting to keep the American ideal alive.  Also check out for our new ARTS & CULTURE series (16 new hours) and hear more about our two upcoming series ANIMAL CONSTRUCTION and AFTER CHAOS both set for delivery next June. 

And don’t miss our Wildlife Pitch on ANIMAL DEMOCRACY on Tuesday 8th at 12h30!