: History
: Karim Miske
: Program 33/ Arte
: Download
: 2019
: 16/9, HD, One off
: 1x52'
This episode belongs to the series : DECOLONISATIONS

This 3 part series is the untold story of the long violent and chaotic process of Decolonisation, a story of how the Fall of European empires after Berlin Conference in 1885 would give birth to a new world: ours. Using an elaborate contemporary mix of unearthed archive material, local pop culture movies and animation sequences with a carefully crafted soundtrack featuring iconic protest songs and local scores, the series unfolds from the 1850’s all the way to our globalized world today, revealing the historical figures part of this drama, and the traces still alive today…. Like the pieces of a puzzle, see History being told as you have never seen it before. 

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