: Arts & Culture
: Rachel Kahn & François Chaumont
: Et La Suite Productions/ France 3
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: 2019
: One off, HD, 16/9
: 1x52'

In 1973, at age 39, Brigitte Bardot decides to stop her acting career at the height of her fame to dedicate herself to Animal welfare and protection. Her rebellious nature finds in this cause a genuine expression of who she really is. This intimate portrait including exclusive interviews provides a unique account of her journey as a movie icon turning into a radical advocate for wildlife protection ahead of her time. 

A dedication many perceived as too extreme at the time which echoes with today’s emergency in saving our planet’s biodiversity and treating animal life with respect . For the first time on TV Bardot offers first hand testimony and recounts the essential part her love for cinema and her love for animals have played in her life. Her straight talk reveals the secret and intimate itinerary of a woman who has both served women’s lib movement and has been a trailblazer in animal protection.

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