: History
: Marc Jampolsky
: Gedeon Programmes/ Vatican Media / Arte
: Download
: June 2020
: One off, HD, 16/9, 4K
: 1xTRAILER, 1x52', 1x90'

What started as a simple tomb became over a 2,000 years history the universal seat of Christendom and is today one of the most visited museum in the world with invaluable collections of Arts, Manuscripts, Maps. Using spectacular 3D modelisation and CGI to give viewers as never before a true understanding of the history of this architectural masterpiece and its extensions, the film will also use animation to tell relevant historical events. This heritage site reveals new untold secrets with the help of historians deciphering the Vatican’s rich archives and manuscripts collection and following the restorations at work (newly discovered frescoes by Raphael) and recent excavations. A story where Religion, Politics, Arts and Science meet to assert religious authority and serve as a spiritual benchmark.


52' VA : For the moment, the rough cut is online. The final version for the 52' in English will be delivered by the end of October, voices are being cast right now.

90' VF : The version available online is not the definitive one. Please also note that the 90' version of VATICAN will only be available in French.

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