: Travel
: Xavier Lefebvre
: Gedeon Programmes/ Arte
: 5
: Download
: 2020
: HD, 16/9, 4K
: 5x52'

Nordic territories are powerful stimuli to the imagination, places that evoke vast and infinite wild spaces, rich and stunning nature, perpetuated myths and traditions. They stand as an ode to the power of the Earth and elements, which humans respect and revere throughout their life, aware of only being a small part of this world.

Comprising five documentaries entirely shot in 4K, WONDERS OF NORTHERN EUROPE explores these regions, right at the heart of their majestic nature which surrounds and shelters people. 4 COUNTRIES, 5 FILMS, 5 LANDS.

Episode 1 - Land of Fjords - Norway, between Fjords and Mountains

Episode 2 - Land of Snows - The Sami Country (Former Lapland)

Episode 3 - Forested Land - Sweden, From Götaland to Norrland

Episode 4 - Land of a (Hundred) Thousand Lakes - Boreal Finland

Episode 5 - Land of fire and ice - Iceland, Raw nature

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