: Current Affairs
: Emerick Missud & Dorian Hays
: Infocus/ Echo Studio / Gump/ Ushuaia
: Download
: 2019
: HD, One off, 16/9
: 1x52', 1xTRAILER

A film which captures the birth of a common political front between traditional fishermen on both sides of the Channel (and beyond) under Brexit Era. They are bound to fight together for survival against the industrial lobbies! From the local european fisheries to the corridors of the EU Parliament, a vivid account of what it takes to ban electric fishing for a more sustainable approach to the sea ressources. A true immersive investigation over two years featuring ordinary heroes fighting powerful corporations, confused politicians and hard hitting activists united to turn EU regulations upside down. Heated debates and tensed discussions, demonstrations, media campaign and scientific controversy are all part of the plot, in this empowering film! A feel good movie with a cinematographic approach…

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