: Science, Wildlife & Environement
: Vincent Barthélémy
: Bonne Pioche/ Idéacom International / RMC Découverte / SRC
: Download
: 2019
: One off, HD, 16/9
: 1x52'
This episode belongs to the series : HUMAN + : THE FUTURE OF OUR SENSES

Scientific advances in hearing truly defy the imagination. Technology is actively reinventing the ear. Not only is science currently able to implant devices to overcome deafness, but it is also developing hearing aids that surpass the ear’s natural acoustic abilities. More surprisingly, these aids allow the elderly to improve working memory and selective attention, which tend to degrade faster in seniors who are hearing-impaired. Hearing is gradually revealing its full potential. We will meet a blind man whose hearing is so acute that he can navigate a bicycle using echolocation alone. Another man who once could only see the world in shades of grey now “sees” all colors through his ears. Research is moving forward quickly. Today, some scientists can 3D-print ears with living mammalian cells, another scientist has created them from apples and human cells. Still others explore the idea of hearing via our cerebral ventricles - the cavities that lie within the brain. Yes, you heard that right.

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