: Science, Wildlife & Environement
: Vincent Barthélémy
: Bonne Pioche/ Idéacom International / RMC Découverte / SRC
: Download
: 2019
: One off, HD, 16/9
: 1x52'
This episode belongs to the series : HUMAN + : THE FUTURE OF OUR SENSES

Our senses are not designed to give us the most accurate representation of the outside world, instead the array of data they collect emphasizes certain things and allows others to take a back seat – it’s a magnificent orchestra and the conductor is your brain. Nothing can match the brain’s talent. It is capable of change and adaptation. For example, John Bramblitt is blind yet paints with incredible precision. Mandy Harvey is deaf and sings in harmony with her group thanks to sensing vibrations through the floor. An 11-year-old piano virtuoso is able to hear the melody of each of the 5 streams of a fountain in the Vatican. The potential of our senses is so powerful that it’s time to ask if losing one of them can really be considered a handicap. Could it simply be a different way of perceiving the world? The more science progresses, the better understanding we have of how and why some people develop extraordinary sensory abilities. The idea of our 5 senses has held from Aristotle forward, but scientists are now convinced we have more than 5 senses, and are beginning to uncover their mysteries. The untapped potential of sensory perception is mind-boggling.

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