: Travel
: Divers
: Docland Yard/ Groupe PVP / Voyage / France Ô / TV5
: 10
: Download
: 2018
: HD, 16/9
: 10x52', 8x26'

Travelling by boat bears a priceless sense of Freedom and offers endless new vistas to all passengers. Across waterways around the world Boats are an essential tool of daily life whether they carry goods, serve as utilities or services in remote areas.  

This series takes us on a journey around the world to discover 20 immersive boat crossing. From makeshift craft to the larger collective transportation vessels, from floating restaurants or schools to traditional fishermen crafts, each episode intertwines two destinations and combines different types of boats.

Destinations: Peru (Titicaca's lake), Benin, India, Brazil, Thailand, Cambodia, Tuamotus Islands, Anticosti Islands, Myanmar, Amazon, Argentina, Sweden, Indonesia, New Caledonia, South Sulawesi, French Polynesia, France, Madagascar, French Guyana,