: Travel
: Jeremy J. P. Fekete
: Yuzu Productions/ Arte G.E.I.E, Stefilm, Laokoon Filmgroup, Servus TV, SWR
: 5
: Download
: 2018
: 16/9, 4K, HD
: 5x52', 5x45', 5x26'
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Revisit five of the most iconic railway stations built in the 19th Century  in Europe which are still landmarks in today’s urban landscapes. These cathedrals of the Industrial Age are all facing the future with a face lift. They tell amazing stories of architectural and mechanical feats, when the early jet set of the times travelled by steam engine trains across Europe. Thanks to spectacular 4k, this series reveals the magnificence of these public buildings and the many secrets they hold.



  • "Best Director" at Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2019 
  • "BEST OF THE MONTH – JANUARY AWARD" "Best Cultural feature" at Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2018
  • "Best Documentary"(Episode London) at Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike 2018
  • "Best Director" at Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike 2018 
  • Special Jury Remi in the category Documentary at the 52nd Annual WorldFest-Houston, April 5-14, 2019
  • Gold World Medal at NYF TV & Film Award, April 2019 
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