: History
: Augustin Viatte
: Gedeon Programmes/ Arte/ Albert Kahn Museum
: Download
: 2018
: 16/9, HD, One off
: 1x52'

Born in 1860, Albert Khan made a name for himself as a banker, philanthropist and pacifist. His life and vision reflect on the utopia and humanistic beliefs of the first half of the 20th Century. Discover the man behind the richest collection of the first color photographs (Autochrome) captured between 1909 and 1931, documenting the world’s diversity and portraying people and arts from around the World. A priceless treasure which has fueled the imagination of generations of travelers and filmmakers. 

Programming Hook :

- 2019: International Year of Indigenous Languages/ UNESCO

- 2020: 60 years after Albert Kahn's death and opening of the museum

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