: Arts & Culture
: Stephane Carrel
: Gedeon Programmes/ Planète+
: 8
: Download
: 2019
: 16/9, HD
: 8x52'

Whether they were born in Brasilia, Argentina, Japan, South Africa or even the Philippines, they all learnt how to cook in France before opening up their own restaurants. Meets these young and creative chefs who drew their know-how from their two gastronomic cultures. Over this eight-part series we go on a journey filled with the passion for tastes and texture, revealing the secrets of their cooking and taking us to the places and cultures that have definitely inspired their cookery.

Episodes: Alessandra Montagne (Brazil), Jan Hendrik (South Africa), Taku Sekine (Japan), Mauro Colagreco (Argentina),  Alan Geaam (Lebanon), Connie Zagora (Sweden and Poland), Juan Arbelaez (Colombia), Giovanni Passerini (Italy).

4 new episodes (SEASON 2) available in April 2020

  • Nordine Labiadh - A Mi-Chemin, Paris (Tunisie)
  • Pierre Siewe - Le Garde-Temps, Paris (Cameroon)
  • Beatriz Gonzalez - La Rive Droite, Paris (Mexico)
  • Mikaëla Liaroutsos - Etsi, Paris (Greece)
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