: Adventure and Travel
: Xavier Lefebvre
: Gedeon Programmes/ Arte, Planète +
: 2018
: 16/9, HD, One off
: 1x52'
This episode belongs to the series : ON THE CITIES' ROOFTOPS (Season 2)

In the eastern end of Germany, Berlin is one of the oldest capitals, but one of the youngest on the European continent. The capital of the Brandenburg region since the 13th century, then of the German empire until 1945, it became the capital of reunified Germany only in 1990, after the fall of the Wall, which had divided the country for 28 years. (01.09) In scarcely three decades, few historic cities in Europe have been transformed as much as has this city in regards to urbanism and architecture. What better viewpoint to observe the progression from past to future than the rooftops of this city? Rooftops for which the shapes and uses continue to multiply...

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