: Science
: John Jackson & Jérôme Julienne
: MC4/ Arte/ Centre National de la Mer Nausicaa
: Download
: 2019
: 4K, One off
: 1xTRAILER, 1x52', 1x90'

After major expansion work on site, Nausicaa (North of France) will re-open its doors in July 2018 as Europe's largest and most innovative aquarium. With a new sustainable approach at its heart: every resource taken from the sea shall be reintroduced in its natural habitat on a large scale over time. This is the task overseen by the brand new Breeding Research Center which will open alongside the spectacular new aquarium.Watch behind the scene the massive logistic undertaken to convey, acclimatize and feed thousand sea animals who will live and grow side by side in this recreated Deep Ocean. And meet with the scientists, stunning species, unexpected situations and high tech engineering challenges. When science, entertainment and Ocean preservation come together.  


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