: History
: Jacques Malaterre
: Les Films du Tambour de Soie/ SARA M / ARTE / Planète +
: 2016
: HD
: 1x26'
This episode belongs to the series : UNSUNG HEROES

Theo Sarapo (1936-1970) - What Good Is Love?

Theophanis Lamboukas is the son of a Greek immigrants Orthodox couple. The young Theo began singing early and participated at the age of eighteen years in singing competition. A friend introduced him to Edith Piaf, who employs him quickly as secretary. The great singer, divorced since 1956 from her first husband, is seduced by the remarkable voice of the young man. She encourages him and gives him the stage name “Theo Sarapo” (Sarapo means “I love you” in Greek), which are the only Greek words she knows. On 9 October 1962, Theo Sarapo, aged 26, married Edith Piaf who is twenty years older than him. The religious wedding was held at the Greek Orthodox Church. He sings a duet with Edith Piaf. The couple gets a worldwide success; especially thanks to the song What Good is Love, written by Michel Emer. But Edith is very seriously ill and died in 1963. Theo will not remarry, and it was only, after a long period of mourning that he begins to play and sing for, among others, in order to pay the debts of Edith Piaf. On 28 August 1970 his car left the road and hit a plane tree on a high speed. He died at the age of 34 and is buried in Paris at Père-Lachaise cemetery alongside Edith Piaf. It is mentioned in the 327th of 480 memories quoted by Georges Perec in I remember.


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