: Science
: Henri de Gerlache
: Gedeon Programmes/ Freestudios / Alize / ARTE / RTBF /Planète / TFO / Nat Geo US / Planet Polska / Odisea / Telequebec /RAI / SBS
: 2009
: HD, One off
: 1x52'
This episode belongs to the series : SOLAR IMPULSE

Will it one day be possible to ? y aboard a plane, day and night, and to travel round the world with zero pollution ? Today, this is not just some crazy project, but a huge human, aeronautical and technological challenge that noone believed in – a challenge taken up by famous « scienti?c adventurer » Bertrand Piccard together with André Borschberg, pilot and project CEO, and their team : constructing and ? ying, for 26 hours, an airplane that functions uniquely with solar energy. Called Solar Impulse, the airplane is the size of an Airbus A380 and the weight of a car. Its wings, 64 metres wide, are covered with a « skin » of solar cells. It can transport a pilot and aims to do a non-stop day-night-day sequence. This incredible story takes us back ten years, to when Bertrand Piccard lands in Egypt after his round-the-world trip in a balloon, and the ? rst notions of a solar plane are outlined, continuing up to Andre Borschberg’s presentation of the HBSIA prototype in June 2009… During the 26-hour ?ight, we discover, year by year, the extraordinary development of the Solar Impulse adventure...

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