AROUND THE GLOBE: Anna, Ologolaï and Kempere, Four Years On



: Adventure and Travel
: Gonzalo Arijon
: 95° West/ Canal +
: 1996
: One off
: 1x52'
This episode belongs to the series : AROUND THE GLOBE WITH STEPHANE PEYRON
Stéphane Peyron returns amongst some of the communities he encountered on his first expeditions, to see how they have fared in the intervening four years. He sets off therefore to find Kempere the Huaorani Indian in Ecuador, Ologolai the Mursi in Ethiopia, and Anna of the Nenets in Siberia. With all of them he has shared some good times, and all of them have contributed to changing his perspective on the world. Now he will once more participate for a short time in their daily lives, and will discover whether they have managed to go on reconciling their traditional ways of life with the pressures of an ever-changing modern world.
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