: History
: Karim Miske
: Program 33/ Arte
: ---
: July 2019
: HD, 16/9
: ---

Since the early days of European colonialism, white man domination has imposed itself on the life of millions of people in the four corners of the world from Africa, to South east Asia and through the Middle East. The second half of the XIXth Century saw Europe carving out Africa like a pie, while British Empire was prospering on its long established East India Company: up until today our globalized world still bears the marks of a long, violent and chaotic history of Colonialism and Decolonisation movements which fueled the resistance and eventually led to the end of exploitation and forced cohabitation. This 3-part series is the untold story of this long process and cross breeding, a story of how the fall of European empires would give birth to a new world: ours. Like the pieces of a puzzle, this series unfolds revealing the historical figures part of this drama and offers a radical new perspective on History.

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