: Science, Wildlife & Environement
: Etienne BLANCHON
: ALTOMEDIA/ Planète +
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: 2018
: HD, One off, 16/9
: 1x52', 1xTRAILER
: ADAV Award - PARISCIENCE Festival 2018

A major genetic engineering revolution has been underway since 2012.  Thanks to a molecular device called CRISPR-Cas9, editing DNA will soon be as easy as pressing a button. Stunning applications are now possible such as wiping out malaria, HIV and some genetic diseases. But it also becomes possible to order a "programmed" animal, or human embryo… The economic impact of such a discovery are overwhelming and fundamental ethical questions are being raised. CRISPR-Cas9 opens a whole new field of possibilities which will forge our future. Can we imagine "enhanced" human beings? Can we forge life and evolution according to our needs?

On 31st may 2018, Emmanuelle Charpentier was honored with the prestigious Kavli Prize for her major contribution to the discovery of the molecular scissors Crispr. A prize which honors ground breaking discoveries in Science which will benefit Humanity.  

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