: Science, Wildlife & Environement
: Jérôme Julienne & John Jackson
: MC4/ Arte / Ushuaïa TV
: 2
: Download
: 2017
: 4K, 16/9
: 2x52'

Cuba is at a crossroad.

On one side, the past: 50 years of isolation from the modern world has preserved an ecological paradise. During these 52 years, rules and regulations were the order of the day. Restrictions and outright bans applied to owning a boat, diving, fishing hunting, cutting down trees, farming, manufacturing, construction, etc. Foreign tourists were confined to a few stretches of seacoast. But the authoritarian nightmare that Cubans endured on a daily basis left an unforeseen legacy. Poor as they are, they possess riches beyond measure. Cuba is a garden of Eden: the last large-scale example of what the Caribbean was like a hundred years ago.

However, as Cuba opens up to the world with the end of the American embargo, times will quickly change. Under the combined pressure of money and tourism, will Cuban be able to safeguard the heritage they have earned through so much hardship? Urgent action is needed to maintain the island’s spectacular wilderness.

The two-part series plunges us right into a race against time. Leading the pack are Cuban scientist dedicated to creating nature reserves before the sweeping changes on the horizon make it too late. Marveling at the unspoiled beauty of this long-isolated “Nature Isle” we learn the urgent need to protect the future of an ecological jewel.

Will the almighty dollar destroy this eco wonderland?

Now is the time for the future to be decided.

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