: Science, Wildlife & Environement
: Jérôme Bouvier
: Paprika Films/ Wild touch / ARTE
: 2016
: 4K, 16/9, One off
: 1x90'
: Best Ecosystem Film of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017
This episode belongs to the serie : EXPEDITION ANTARCTICA

Experience in riveting 4k, a 360° immersive expedition in the most hostile and magic environment of the southern hemisphere and discover the survivors of the cold and trailblazers of Evolution… Following extreme diver and biologists Laurent Ballesta and acclaimed photographer Vincent Munnier, experience the hardships of one of the deepest dive ever made in the South Arctic and discover for the first time unexpected underwater oasis and a full scale Iceberg seen from below.

Join this award winning team and meet up with the top scientists working on site to witness and document the changes happening in Antarctica.

The videos in VR (3x5') are available upon request. 

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