: Current Affairs
: Sylvain Braun, Pascal Carron, Jean Bourbonnais, Karina Marceau, Jérémie Sok
: Gedeon Programmes/ PVP/ RMC Découverte / Voyage
: 10
: Download
: 2017
: HD, 16/9
: 10x52'

Far from our TV Screens, discover the real life of 20 different police squads in the world’s most dangerous spots. Their daily duties in the Hot Districts reflect the harsh realities of the societies they live in. How do they contribute to crime prevention and manage to save lives in these neighbourhoods where lawlessness and traffics all of kinds prosper? And how do they enforce law and security in these challenging areas? Whether in New York, Bogota, Los Angeles, Tokyo or Kabul, each episode interweaves the stories of two different units over a 6 hours shift and takes viewers into the nerve-racking lives of these special police squads on the field.

Destinations: Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Afghanistan, Brazil, South Africa, France, UK, Palestine, India, Equator, Israel, Spain, Haïti, Argentina, Madagascar, Reunion.

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