: History
: David Lefort / Charles-Henri Georget
: PEIGNOIR PROD/ RMC Découverte/ Ushuaïa TV/ Explora/ Curiosity Stream/ France 3 Sud-Ouest
: Download
: 2017
: HD, 16/9, One off, 4K
: 1x52', 1x80', 1xTRAILER

The Lascaux Cave discovered in the South Western part of France, during WWII is a complex of decorated caves famous for its Palaeolithic art. After 20 years the caves had to be closed to the public in order to preserve the paintings. For over 50 years now the cave has kept its secrets to itself. In November 2016 a life-size copy of the entire cave- the largest cave replica ever made- will open to the public. Over the course of a year, we will follow this incredible human and technical adventure recreating a 3D copy of the cave. As we watch today’s artists, we will bring new understandings about the meanings and use of these frescoes.


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