: Adventure and Travel
: Divers/ Various
: Cineteve/ Arte/ TV5 Canada
: 20
: Download
: 2015
: HD, 16/9
: 20x26'

SHOW ME WHERE YOU LIVE is a documentary series that aims to answer the following question: How can human beings claim ownership to a space so that they can live safely within it, function as a society, and above all be in harmony with the environment around them?

 As we discover cultures and emblematic populations, we follow Philippe Simay who is at the heart of the series and represents its identity and originality. Philippe takes us on an epic adventure around the Human Habitat and sets the tone for the journey. As a humanist and philosopher, Philippe is a tireless surveyor of the city, and an explorer of living spaces. Determined to travel around the world, Philippe unveils how the populations that he encounters claim the space they occupy, shapes it and adjust to it.

In this series of 20 films, of 26 minutes each, the habitat will be a major showcase revealing our capacity to adapt ourselves at a time where we need to find solutions in order to address immense changes.

Destinations: China, Peru x2, Japan x2, Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia x2, Iceland, Austria, India x2, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Iran x2, New Orleans - USA, Greece, Spain.

SERIES 20x26' available in French & English version.

4 episodes not available online in English: Peru Iquitos, Indonesia, Island and Burkina Faso

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