: Science
: Quentin Domart
: Docland Yard/ Gedeon Programmes / Encyclo
: Download
: 2013
: HD, 16/9, One off
: 1x52', 1xTRAILER
: Silver Trophy at Science Réunion 2014
This episode belongs to the series : SCIENCE ON THE EDGE

We have entered the Homo Numericus Age, producing millions of digital files in the course of our lives. Whether photos, videos, emails, tweets, diplomas, medical, financial or administrative files, or even our ID data…they all rely on digital technology, a vital and strategic tool which encompasses this massive collection of confidential and personal data and a big part of our memory. Today, stocking these data and securing this content over time is a major challenge for our State Security, our economy and our societies in general…and a coveted and lucrative mission. Behind the virtual dimension who are the real gatekeepers of our memory? How reliable are they and how selective are we in what we stock online? Enter the digital space and the cloud computing network and find out more!

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