: Science
: Elodie Fertil
: Docland Yard/ Gedeon Programmes / Encyclo
: 2011
: One off
: 1x52'
This episode belongs to the series : SCIENCE ON THE EDGE

Robots are everywhere.They build our cars, entertain our kids and clean our floors. And as they continue to creep into our lives with ever-greater capabilities and intelligence, they will fundamentally rewrite our relationship with machines. This film takes us to the world’s most advanced androids that look and talk like us, the world’s deadliest robots that kill for us, and the world’s smartest robots that learn from us. From Korean robotic prison guards to American sex robots, follow the latest developments and peek into a nearby future where robots will be entrusted not only with chores but also with our feelings.The robotic revolution is on the march; humanity will be forever changed.

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