Our next markets

Meet us at MIPDOC/MIPTV in Cannes (France) from 7 to 12 April, 2018. 

Latest News

At MIPCOM this Fall Terranoa sets foot on the Cuban shores to reveal in the 2X52' CUBA PARADISE ON THE  BRINK the untold story of this ecological hub and its many unknown treasures both on land and underwater. Shot entirely in 4K, over one year with unprecedented access this much coveted mini-series is now available for acquisition and will be premiered on Arte in the late Fall 2017.

The 10X52' series POLICE PATROLS was just completed and will be launched at MIPCOM. The series was pre-bought by Spiegel TV and ZDF Info. The series offers a rare glimpes into ten different police squads around the World  fighting against crime and terrorism.    

BRAIN FACTORY (1X52') is now completed  and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (1X52') is coming up in october for Broadcast on ARTE. This two parter explores the latest developments and the ethical boundaries surrounding  these  experimental fields of science.