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Meet us at TVFI RENDEZ-VOUS at Biarritz (France) from September 4-8, 2016 and at MIPCOM at Cannes (France) from October 17-20, 2016. 


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Terranoa will showcase two projects that have been selected for the pitches of Sheffield Doc/Fest Meetmarket, namely AMSTERDAM, LONDON, NEW-YORK: THE MAGNIFICENT THREE (4x52’) produced by Iliade/ Les films de l’Odysée for Arte and SAUDI ARABIA, DANGEROUS LIAISONS (70’ & 52’) produced by Yami 2 Productions for France 5.

Two other projects will be presented during the pitch sessions at Sunny Side including TOKYO, THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX (90’ & 52’ & 2x52’) produced by Clarke Costelle & Cie for Arte and NHK and MEMORIES OF A COMET (90’ & 52’) produced by Look at Sciences for Arte and RMC Découverte, in the wake of acclaimed film MISSION ROSETTA (52’) which aired on Arte in May 2015.

June turns out to be also fruitful in terms of sales on the eve of Euro 2016 and the Olympic Games in Rio, since Ceska TV (Czech Republic), MBC Al Arabya (Middle-East), ORF (Austria), Odisea (Spain) and Metro TV (Indonesia) have confirmed their acquisition of the film produced by Docland Yard: MEGASTADIUM: A TOUR DE FRANCE. The documentary was aired on RMC Découverte recently.

Terranoa has also concluded the sale of RIO, THE GREAT SAGA (52’ & 90’- Gedeon Programmes for Arte) to RAI 1 (Italy), RTVE and Odisea (Spain), RTP (Portugal) and Sky Japan. The film will air in July on Arte.

Finally, TVB Hong Kong has acquired the rights of the series produced by Cinétévé, SHOW ME WHERE YOU LIVE (20x26’) to be aired this Fall on Arte.