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Meet us during TVFI RENDEZ-VOUS 2015 in Biarritz from September 6-10 and at MIPCOM in Cannes from October 3-8. 

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Terranoa has been around for 15 years now. We work with over 80 independent producers worldwide providing them with our expertise and sales network.

Our catalogue is rich and diverse, with over 1,500 hours of films aimed at the top end of the market : 

FRENCH BASHING - 90’ & 52’ (O2B Films, Canal +, Planète +, Public Sénat)

UNSUNG HEROES - 20x26’ (Les Films du Tambour de Soie, Arte)

SURRENDER - 90’ & 2x45’ (Roche Productions, TF1) commemorating the 70th anniversary of the V-E Day: Discovery AHC, NGC, SVT, NRK, Ceska, Nerit, RTS Slovenia.

MOON - 82’ & 2x52’ (Camera Lucida, Planete +) a program commissioned to coincide with the Solar Eclipse scheduled for March 20th 2015 : sold in over ten territories, included Servus TV, MBC, AL Arabya, NRK, SVT, Kultura, NC + Poland.

FREEDOM, THE LEGEND OF THE EAGLES - 90’ & 52’ - Lato Sensu for Ushuaïa TV to celebrate the channel’s 10th Birthday.

ROSETTA, COMET CHASER - 52’ (Look at sciences, ARTE, RMC Découverte)

SHOW ME WHERE YOU LIVE - 20x26’ (Cinétévé, Arte, TV5 Canada)

CHEMICAL WEAPON, AN INSIDIOUS WAR - 75’ & 52’ (Seppia Films, Domino Production, Arte GEIE, RTBF, YLE)

THE SIEGE: SARAJEVO 1992-1995 - 90’ & 52’ (Agat Films, Arte)

With new financing capacities, we can get involved from idea conception to creative development and advise on the adaptation of the project for international broadcasters. We can raise finance through pre-sales and co-production, deficit finance, in return for rights.

From our Paris sales base and our US office in D.C., our reputable sales team distributes completed productions to all media outlets worldwide. We have built over the years an extensive knowledge of the international marketplace, managing rights carefully through terrestrial, Pay TV and secondary cable, new digital platforms, DVD and VOD to optimize rights exploitation and maximise revenues.