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Meet us at MIPCOM in Cannes from October 3-8. 

Latest News

Viasat has prebought the rights to the 20x26’ historical series UNSUNG HEROES to be fully wrapped by December this year. The series offers a new take on 20th century History bringing to light 20 biopics of little known heroic figures of our Era.

FREEDOM, THE LEGEND OF THE EAGLES 1x52’ was recently acquired by RTBF , RTS and LIC China. Among other sales of its flagship programmes is the 2x52’ SECRETS OF THE MOON sold to TVB Hong-Kong and ZDF info. ZDF Info has picked another 8 hours from Terranoa’s catalogue this month including FUNDAMENTALISM IS THERE A WAY BACKHIDDEN TRACES and SCIENCE ON THE EDGE series.

3 event programmes are among the 10 new hours that Terranoa will present at MIPCOM this Fall. The +/- 5 METERS blue chip immersive wildlife series (5x52’ and 1x90’) is now completed and was the most watched documentary programme at The French screenings in Biarritz in September where it was premiered and enjoyed great reviews. It will be one of Arte’s landmark COP21 special programming in December.

Two other event docs to be aired this Winter related to the climate conference are part of this MIPCOM line up: FLOOD, CHALLENGING OUR FUTURE 2x52’ (Georama for Arte) and THE AGE OF MAN : THE NEW DEAL 1x75’ and 1x52’ ( Paprika Films for Canal+ Planete+).