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Meet us at STREAM MARKET in Los Angeles from April 06-07, at SHEFFIELD DOC FESTIVAL from June 10-15 and at SUNNY SIDE in La Rochelle from June 20-23, 2016.



Latest News


TERRANOA inaugurates its first collaboration with Paris-based indie Producer CC&C, CLARKE COSTELLE & Co specialized in colorized archive Historical series (APOCALYPSE) through the distribution of their new landmark production, TOKYO, THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX.

Based on unreleased archive footage, restored and colorized, the film chronicles the history of Tokyo from 1905 to the present day. From total destruction to spectacular revival, the city moved from an isolationist feudal state to an unrivaled futuristic megalopolis within a century. The film bears witness to the high resilience demonstrated by the city and its inhabitants throughout History and attests to the powerful cultural hybridization process at work.

Terranoa is in charge of international pre-sales and sales for this ambitious coproduction with NHK and ARTE, available in 3 versions: 90’, 52’ and 2x45’ to be delivered early 2017.

This film reflects Terranoa’s active strategy in developing its editorial slate with ambitious and internationally recognized talents.

Terranoa will also be showcasing newly released History programmes at the next MIPDOC/ MIPTV, among which GEDEON Programmes’ and Docland Yard’s latest productions:


Several one-offs:

MADAME TUSSAUD - 52’ & 90’ - Gedeon Programmes – Arte

RIO, THE GREAT SAGA - 52’ & 90’ - Gedeon Programmes – Arte

CHAMBORD : THE CASTLE, THE KING AND THE ARCHITECT - 52’& 90’ - Gedeon Programmes – Arte (shot in 4K - best ratings of the Saturday prime time slot on Arte in December 2015)

FUKUSHIMA, ROBOTS IN HELL - 52’ - Docland Yard – RMC Découverte

MEGASTADIUM, TOUR DE FRANCE - 52’ - Docland Yard – RMC Découverte


And the following series:

HIDDEN TRACES - 6x52’ - Docland Yard – RMC Découverte

ON THE CITIES’ ROOFTOPS - 5x52’ - Gedeon Programmes – Arte

GOING, GOING, GONE! - 5x26’ - Gedeon Programmes – Arte